Dermatology Services

Our Dermatology Services

Acne Treatment

Psoriasis Treatment

Atopic Dermatitis

Acne Scars

Laser skin treatments

Vitiligo management

Hair transplantation

Botox and Fillers treatment

Platelet Rich plasma therapy

Hairfall management

Family Medicine Services

Our Family Medicine Services

Men's & Women's Health Checks

Our doctors provide confidential sexual and reproductive health advice for both men and women. You can feel comfortable discussing any concerns regarding sexual health, fertility, family planning, contraception, or STI tests with our highly professional and understanding doctors and nurses. For men, we provide prostate and testicular cancer checks, as well as advice regarding vasectomies. And for women, our doctors provide cervical screening and perform Implanon or Mirena insertion and removal.

Chronic Disease Management

Casuarina Square Medical Centre aims to assist patients dealing with chronic and lifelong diseases such as diabetes and asthma. Our allied health partners and medical health professionals will work with you to create a health management plan. This plan aims to minimise the effects of the condition on your day-to-day life and potentially prevent more serious episodes. This may include medication, but also involves direct education for patients and their family or associates. Our Practice Nurses undertake General Practice Management Plans (GPMP), Health Assessments and ATSI Health Assessments.

Minor Surgery

If you have a minor surgical requirement, our doctors can take care of the procedure in the clinic, saving you time and prolonged discomfort. Some examples of the procedures we perform include: Foreign body object removal, Stitching of lacerations, cuts or small wounds, Cyst aspiration, Ingrown toenail removal, Wart treatments.

Adult Health

Women’s Health Men’s Health Full Health Check Ups and Preventative Health Sports Medicine Mental Health Care Plans and Stress Management Weight Problems, Diet and Exercise Advice Contraceptive Advice Chronic Disease Management Care Plans Aged Care Child Health & Pregnancy Baby Checks Child Health Immunization Antenatal Care & Pregnancy


For the youngest members of your family, we take care of all types of health problems.


We provide routine immunization for children according to National Immunization Programme.